Are you Audit Ready?

Learn the 3 Top Non-Compliances
identified by ASQA at Audit and
How to Avoid These Critical
Mistakes Within Your RTO

This eBook is written by Angela Connell, who has been in the training industry for over 20 years and has attended over 300 ASQA Audits

ASQA Audit Statistics 2018-19

Number of ASQA Audits


Written Directions


Infringement Notices

“Don’t be another ASQA statistic in 2020-21”

Beyond Compliance,
Vivacity Takes You Higher

Vivacity helps your RTO get compliant and stay compliant, with packages and events designed by experts specifically for Australia’s training industry

ASQA has closed over a fifth of RTOs and CRICOS institutions following audits over the last five years.

And rules and regulations can change and often do.

The smallest non-compliant step can catch you out

Don’t let the demands of running a training business overwhelm you!

Who can you call? Who can you turn to?

Turn to the RTO superheroes


Not a consultant working solo, but a team of RTO experts with the experience that helps you get compliant and stay compliant.

Alone, the work of an RTO and all the compliance is tough.

With Vivacity, learn to fly.

Most Popular Compliance Packages

RTO + CRICOS Consultation

The membership package that has it all, documentation, training and consultation, with as much or as little support as you need.

RTO + CRICOS Registration

Vivacity developed the KickStart Package to make getting your Registered Training Organisation off the ground easy. Don’t do it alone. A team of experts guide you through five clear steps

Re-Registration with ASQA

Is your RTO up for re-registration with ASQA? The team at Vivacity has the solution to get your RTO and your team ready for your audit

Internal Audit

How is your RTO compliance looking? An internal audit is the best way to get a snapshot. But how do you fix your non-compliances?

Addition to Scope

We take the pain out of adding training products to your scope of registration, with a systematic approach to writing your TAS and preparing for an AddOn

Accredited Course

We help you clear the confusion over what ASQA wants to approve your accredited course and help you identify the industry, legal or community need your course meets.

Assessment Validation

Are your assessment tools compliant? Do they meet the Rules of Evidence and Principles of Assessment requirements?

Are you buying an RTO?

Minimise the risk of buying an RTO by getting a team of experts on your side to undertake the due diligence before you buy

Transition to Online

Getting an idea out of your head and into an online course can be a challenge, but with the Online Training Superhero, we make the process so much easier.

Want to learn more?


A pandemic is not going to stop us, all our traditional face-to-face workshops are now online via Zoom. You get access to an experienced auditor to learn from our expertise in RTO / CRICOS Compliance and Business Development in our range of VET Professional Development training offered in a one day workshop online, online courses and guest speakers.

Vivacity is so much more than an RTO Consultant, they are experts who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise, so that I don't have to sweat the small stuff.

Kylie Jordan

Programs Coordinator, Ettinghausens Pro

Tablet View

Masterclasses and Masterminds

Intensive short Masterclasses and Masterminds for both your compliance and business, including social media marketing, RTO compliance, how to be audit ready and many many more.

Why Vivacity?

The team at Vivacity are forward-thinking visionaries, who solve your problems, not just the problems you have today but the problems you’ll have tomorrow. It takes a forward-thinking approach and bold choices to get to the future. We step into the unknown with an entrepreneurial mindset and demand of ourselves to be visionary. Is this a surprising choice for a group of compliance consultants? You bet!

Featured Online Course

TAS Superhero


Don’t Get Tangled in Your TAS

With Vivacity’s 8-Week TAS Superhero Course discover amazing ways to make your Training and Assessment Strategies fly

Your TAS does not have to stand for 
“Tension And Stress”! 

What’s going to make you and your TAS audit-proof? Because most RTOs don’t understand what makes a TAS compliant. The regulatory requirements make for complex and confusing reading. 

What are you meant to include? Who can you turn to? 

Vivacity and the TAS Superhero Course!

“Today was awesome! I can’t tell you how excited I am about this new learning curve I am about to embark on…the word “audit” has never been more appealing…bring it on I say!!!

Sandy Zakoc ~ RTO Manager, TraYn Pty Ltd
SystemsCheck and Membership | 2019 to present