This episode is a little different to our usual format. 

Instead of playing the host, I’m sitting in the guest’s chair and have invited Brett Jarman, Executive Producer of Experts On Air, the production house behind our podcast, to step in as the host and interview me.

We wanted to give you a behind the scenes look at Vivacity, the origins of the Education in Isolation Podcast, a look at the impact Covid-19 has had on us and our clients, and a look at the future of the training industry.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Who Angela Connell is and what she does
  • Owner of Vivacity Coaching and Consulting
  • Primary business in the past was helping Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) get compliant and stay compliant
  • Now Vivacity is also helping trainers, coaches and consultants get their training online
  • Services include providing the tools, techniques, and technology to get their training up online. 
  • Angela’s transition from desktop publishing and graphic design to the training industry, starting off as a training coordinator then moving into a trainer assessor role, ultimately working with an RTO (Registered Training Organisation)
  • Angela ending up buying the second RTO she worked at, specialising in training for hospitality and aged care
  • The business had 8 qualifications in its scope when she started and grew to 35 qualifications by the time she sold it three and a half years later
  • The business grew from two training rooms to 14 training rooms across two sites over the same period
  • At the time of the sale, Angela had 40 trainers and eight administrative staff on the team
  • When she sold the business Angela studied psychotherapy
  • She has since returned to the training industry, with Vivacity providing consulting and coaching
  • Vivacity was well prepared to pivot when Covid-19 restrictions hit as they already had plans to increase their digital offerings