How RTOs Should Be Ready To Capitalise On JobTrainer

How RTOs Should Be Ready To Capitalise On JobTrainer

With unemployment at the highest rate for two decades, upskilling Australia’s workforce has never been more important. In what is potentially great news for our sector, the government has announced $1.5bn of funding for training via the JobTrainer Fund.

So what exactly do RTOs need to do to benefit from JobTrainer? Listen to this week’s episode to find out…

In this episode:

  • What RTOs need to know before they pitch for government funding

  • How the JobTrainer funding is divided

  • The difference between JobTrainer and JobKeeper

  • Why the government’s focus is on building new skills rather than replacing those that were lost

  • Which areas of Australia are receiving which funding

  • Angela’s own experience of applying for government funding

  • How to work around the disconnect between government funding and state distribution

How to be Audit Ready with RTO Consultant, Angela Connell Pt2

How to be Audit Ready with RTO Consultant, Angela Connell Pt2

Part two of my guide to auditing is REALLY going to make you ‘RTO audit ready’. Now you’ve heard my journey through the audit process in Part One, it’s time to drill down into some specifics. By the end of the episode you’ll have a long list of easily actionable tips to help you sail through your next RTO audit. Listen up and take notes!  

In this episode:

  • -Why you need an ASQA delivery data summary

  • How ASQA actually works


  • High-risk versus low-risk training


  • How to correctly review your student files

  • How to correctly review your trainer matrices

  • The importance of knowing your own systems


  • The power of internal audits


  • Why you’ll probably need external help for an audit

  • How to match your database with your paper-based files

  • How to update your assessment tools 

  • Why you need to update position descriptions

  • How to get buy-in from your whole team in advance of an audit

  • Hints & tips around record keeping

How To Be RTO Audit Ready With Consultant, Angela Connell Pt1

How To Be RTO Audit Ready With Consultant, Angela Connell Pt1

In this episode I will give you the benefit of my experience of over 400 ASQA RTO audits. As an RTO Consultant of many years, I’ve been around the block when it comes to audits and I’ve even conducted many audits on other people. But I wasn’t always an expert. In fact we all start off as novices at everything, right? Listen up as I go through my journey right from the beginning as a novice… there is a lot you can learn about how to do it and also, how not to do it!

In this episode:

  • How I got through my first experience of certified training

  • How to come back from having 80% of your program declared non-compliant

  • How I sold my RTO and made a success of it

  • Why you should do a mock audit well in advance of the real audit

  • Why you should never take the recommendations of an audit personally

  • What the regulators really want 

  • Why regulatory bodies won’t tell you what assessment tools to write

  • How to contextualise your assessment tools for your target audience

  • How a wide scope of qualifications might affect an audit

  • What to do when your policies get ripped apart

  • How I got into the position of no non-compliances for four years

  • The importance of a good team

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