In this episode, we get to know more of Carl Taylor, the CEO of Automation Agency, as he talks about what Automation Agency does and who they serve.

Carl shared what automation is for him, for his business, his team, and for his clients. He also shared what strategies they implemented and the challenges and achievements they’re proud of during the pandemic.

We also get to know Carl’s thoughts on how technology will play a big role in shaping businesses behaviour, consumer behaviour, and more.

  • Who Carl is and what he does
  • Carl thinks of himself as the freedom guy. He finds solutions to work smarter rather than harder
  • Automation Agency is Carl’s primary company, a done-for-you implementation service, whether you’re trying to do online marketing, marketing, and some of your other operations.
  • Carl first started being an entrepreneur at 15. He is almost two decades in business. 
  • “Now when I think of automation, it’s just me not doing it. Meaning automation includes people; human automation – other people doing the job or doing the task or parts of it. So it’s a mix of tech and team when I think of automation.”
  • How did the transition happen from “I’m getting someone to do the job for me” to “There’s possibly a business in this”?
  • In 2011, Carl, who just started a new business as a coach and teaches people how to buy, build, and sell business, noticed that his fellow coaches are asking him technical stuff like how to automate emails and such. He then thought to quit coaching and help coaches implement the technical side of their businesses.
  • “Because I was getting frustrated at people, not always implementing what you tell them to do, I was like, ‘I could just do this for people’.”
  • The original inspiration for Automations Agency was that Carl will build a team of people that he can use himself and he’ll offer his technical services out to to other people which will help pay for his team and operations.
  • Automation Agency is a  flat monthly concierge service, where you get a team of graphic designers, web developers, automation people that you don’t have to train. You just need to come up with the ideas and tell them what to do.
  • The core problems they solve are hiring and managing staff, and training them which is expensive in time and can be costly, depending on where you’re trying to hire.
  • The challenge now with Carl and for Automation Agency is how to build a solution that matches where people are at. Clients get to a certain point where they’ve outgrown what Automation Agency does. Carl and his team are looking at how they can have a second tier of service offerings.
  • “It breaks my heart to think that people are going to cancel us. When now is the time they should actually lean on us. You need to pivot and change your business. Now’s the time to use us more, not less.”
  • “One of our biggest challenges has always been churn. People kind of getting to a point where they either outgrew us because they needed something we didn’t provide, or they ran out of ideas cause they didn’t have that strategic educational mind. And so that’s some of the areas we’ve been focusing on ourselves to deliver more value.”
  • Carl’s biggest challenge within his business

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