In this episode, Jeremy Harris, co-founder of Grow CFO, shares with us what he does, how he changed and adapted his business in this difficult time, and his knowledge on the strategies business should put into place.

Jeremy has more than 20 years experience in the financial industry. The company is co-founded with his wife Deborah, and aims to educate cutting edge business owners and their teams on finance so that they can actually leverage and grow and make their biggest impact.

In this episode:

  • Who Jeremy is and what he does.
  • Jeremy co-founded Grow CFO Co. with his wife, Deborah, and is currently its Lead Chief Financial Officer.
  • He was a co-owner of a tax accounting business for 20 years.
  • "I was able to make a transition into what for me was more fulfilling – to actually use numbers to help businesses look forward and to grow; to actually help, especially fast-growth businesses, to really understand cash flow and to plan what their future looks like and to predict the future."
  • "In a tax accounting business, it's actually fairly easy to maintain because everybody has to come back every year and do their tax returns. As long as the customer service is good, then there's almost a guarantee of return business."
  • "A number of our business customers are in different parts of the world, so we're very regularly on Zoom meetings. So in that sense, even in the last period of recent period of time through Covid, it has not had a big impact on the way that we actually work."
  • What would have been the biggest challenge in the business since Covid-19?
  • These two industries, tourism and events, have been really severely impacted by Covid-19.
  • "These businesses have had an immediate impact on their cash, which impacted their ability to pay us. But at the same time, they needed us more than ever."
  • "We are servicing our existing customers more than ever in providing unprecedented value. We're also now experiencing a level of growth that we haven't had before."
  • What's different that Jeremy does now from what he was doing before as an accountant?
  • Wealth Dynamics: A profiling tool that helps us identify our main strengths 
  • "The details have to be right. The numbers have to be accurate to be able to know how the business is going and to make decisions based on those numbers. So that's definitely one part of what the CFO does."
  • "The premise of founding Grow CFO was to be able to provide access to that (needed) resource for businesses at a fraction of the price of having somebody do it full time."
  • What strategies should any organisation put into place especially in these difficult times?

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