In this episode, Kylie Jordan, Programs Coordinator at Ettingshausens Performing Arts, shares with us some amazing strategies that help them transition their services from face-to-face to online during the Covid-19 pandemic.

She also shares the challenges they faced and how they and their students adapted. She discussed some industry changes that will have an effect on their education strategies.

She also shared her experience taking Vivacity’s Education in Isolation course.

  • Who Kylie is and what she does
  • She is the Programs Coordinator at Ettingshausens Performing Arts, a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that runs pre-professional training for dancers
  • Students train through their junior years with their local dance school and usually some of the students are identified as having potential to take on a career in the performing arts area.
  • "We teach them (students) a lot of things that they really need to know to get out there in that very competitive environment."
  • "Part of their learning and development is working with other dancers and simulating that audition environment, being part of a cast or an ensemble. So it's really important that the training we provide is face to face."
  • What hurdles did Kylie face and how did she overcome them?
  • The first challenge was "How do we regroup? How do we keep them connected and not lose all of our students?"
  • Their company had to shut down on a Monday afternoon and then by Wednesday, same week, they were up and live on zoom, basically running a couple of classes.
  • "It was really important for me to remain positive and focused on the future and making sure that we could continue."
  • "We were allowed to make mistakes," Kylie said relating to Covid-19's impact on the company's transition from face-to-face classes to online.
  • What solutions did Kylie come up with when they need to create an online platform to continue education with their students online?
  • "I was really emotional about this whole experience and having Vivacity to launch something like Education in Isolation really helped me personally, just to know that there were some other people going through the same thing."
  • What does Kylie think is her biggest achievement after all of this?
  • Kylie sees opportunities with collaboration for learning with choreographers, entertainers, and agencies interstate and from other countries online unlike before.
  • "Accountability is much better when they're coming into the studio. One thing I struggled with within the Zoom environment is that we're really strict on attendance because this obviously a practical course. And in the Covid environment, I really had to let go of that strict attendance."
  • Kylie said that she foresees that the 'Industry has changed forever'. What aspects does she believe will be different and how will she apply solutions based on her training with Vivacity?
  • How Kylie keeps motivated each day
  • "I feel very strongly about delivering the best course, the best program for these students. They've invested a year of their life with us."

Kylie Jordan on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kylie-jordan-2a114761/

Ettingshausens Performing Arts Website:https://www.ettingshausens.com.au/

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