Assessment Validation

Learn how to Lead and Facilitate an Assessment Validation Team

Get Validation – Win at Assessment Tools

Assessment Tools: the Number One non-compliance at audit

ASQA’s number one item for non-compliance at audit is assessment tools. Do you evaluate yours against the Rules of Evidence, Principles of Assessment and Training Product requirements? How familiar are you with these? How familiar do you need to get?

If your RTO doesn’t “systematically validate” your assessment tools, this poses a compliance threat to your business.

Imagine how much easier life would be if you and your team knew how to run your own assessment validation session.

That’s only a part of what you’ll learn in this course, where you’ll validate one of your own assessment tools.

Unlock the gate to better consistency, better quality and compliance

Learn the crucial tools that your RTO needs to stay compliant now on Vivacity Training

What You Will Learn

  • What the compliance requirements of Standards 1.9 to 1.11 are and what this means to you
  • How you apply Rules of Evidence, Principles of Assessment and Training Package requirements to achieve consistent and quality assessments across your RTO’s scope of registration

Key Benefits

  • Hands-on experience with assessment validation = less head-ache
  • Get assurance of the quality of your RTO’s assessment practices
  • Knowledge to help you achieve consistency of assessment standards, and how to judge those standards


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Under the Standards (1.9-1.11) the CEO is to ensure that Assessment tools are systematically validated. In order to demonstrate this at Audit, you will need to have at least two units validated from each qualification. Assessment Validation refers to a process where assessors review, compare and evaluate the use and effectiveness of their assessment methods, assessment procedures and assessment decisions.

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