CRICOS Compliance

Solve the Student Visa Challenge with Expert Help

Are You Ready for the Knowledge only an Experienced Auditor Brings?

Learn from an experienced Auditor what you must know to keep your CRICOS institute compliant against ASQA requirements.

As an institute offering training to International Students and responsible for ensuring participants meet their Student Visa requirements, you need to avoid unique pitfalls.

Beyond the changes brought by the National Code 2018, you and your team will gather tools that help you implement a continuous improvement culture. And tools to manage your compliance challenges.

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What you will learn in this course:


  • Simple strategies you could implement within your Institute to demonstrate compliance to meet your CRICOS obligations
  • What you should include in your policies and procedures
  • An understanding of how your RTO registration affects your CRICOS registration
  • What types of evidence will you be required to provide at an ASQA audit to demonstrate compliance with the Standards
  • Understanding your Institute’s responsibilities with monitoring and managing International Students as well as meeting Student Visa requirements
  • Reporting to the government on Student attendance and academic performance
  • Your responsibilities with Education Agents and monitoring of third parties who promote your courses on your behalf
  • The compliance requirements for CRICOS Providers, including the ESOS Act and understanding your Institute’s obligations under the Standards within the National Code 2018

"The Vivacity team are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We recently added a course to scope and with their experience, expertise and guidance we felt prepared. The team was extremely helpful through the process and We launched our newest course with complete confidence"

Kylie Jordan ~ RTO Manager, Ettingshausens Dynamic Arts
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