Industry Consultation

Engage effectively with your industry and ensure your industry consultation is compliant and relevant for your RTO

Do you have strategies for effective industry engagement?

 A range of industry consultation strategies is crucial for ensuring that you are engaging with industry effectively. A range of strategies is a lot more than just one survey sent once a year…

During this training we cover a range of strategies that you can implement into your Training Organisation straight away, which includes:

  • How to conduct Industry Surveys and actually get responses from your market
  • Using Survey Monkey for your surveys to get a higher response rate
  • How to facilitate Focus Groups, including a whole plan and a PowerPoint for facilitating the group
  • How to conduct an Training Needs Analysis and get more clients for your training
  • Strategies for taking informal Industry Consultation and making it formal

This training will give you the tools and techniques to ensure that you have effective industry consultation, that not only meets the compliance requirements, but will also provide your RTO with more opportunities for business.



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