Increasing your Scope of Registration has never been easier, when you have the experts on your side…

With extensive experience in applying for an addition to scope in a wide range of areas, including writing Training and Assessment Strategies (TAS) and meeting the ASQA requirements, is easy for our team. We do all the research for you in the qualification you want to add and develop a TAS to meet your needs, as well as provide advice on training and assessment tools that are Training Package Compliant.

We do all this whilst you focus on your business…. Simple!

We take the headache out of adding to your Scope…

What’s in the package:

  • Training and Assessment Strategy – Develop a TAS for each Training Product you wish to add to your scope of registration
  • Industry Consultation – Assist with gathering evidence of Industry Consultation, including an Industry Survey template
  • Training Product Requirements – We will research the Training Product requirements from, as well as any other legislative or licensing requirements
  • Delivery and Assessment Plan – We provide you with a template for writing your Delivery and Assessment Plan or Session Plan, as well as guide you on how to complete the DAP
  • Licensing Requirements – Identification of relevant regulations and laws for each Training Product to be added
  • Training and Assessment Tools – We will identify appropriate training resources for your Training Product, in particular text books and assessment tools, that meet the requirements of the Training Product. We can also refer you to reputable organisations that meet the compliance requirements
  • Trainer/Assessor – Vivacity reviews your current Trainers/Assessors to identify whether they will meet the requirements of the Standards for RTO’s
  • Staff Matrix – We provide you with a Staff Matrix template and then assist you with the development of the staff matrix
  • CRICOS Timetable – If you are also wanting to add the Training product to your CRICOS registration, we provide you with a CRICOS Timetable template, provide guidance on how to complete the timetable, as well as conduct a final review before submission to ASQA
  • ASQAnet Submission – Submission of your “Addition to Scope” application online with ASQA

The team at Vivacity will make adding new Training Products to your scope easy, by providing expert advice and years of experience in the training industry


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