Assessment Validation Package

Have your assessment tools been validated?

…We have a solution for you and your team

According to the Standards for RTO’s, all RTO’s are required to validate a minimum of 50% of their Assessment tools over a three year period and 100% of their Assessment tools are to be validated over a 5 year registration period.

Validation must be conducted by qualified and experienced staff who are not only experienced in their industry sector, but are also qualified in the delivery of assessments but not directly involved in the assessments conducted.

With Vivacity we can help you meet these compliance requirements,  as well as assist your team with the validation process.

We have three options for your validation, we can either facilitate your “Validation Panel” or we can conduct validation of your tools through our “Independent Validation”.

Option A: Validation Panel

What’s in the package:

  • Our validation expert will attend your premises to conduct validation (6 hours)
  • Facilitation of your Assessment Validation Panel, whereby one of our experts will facilitate the validation with your team
  • Provision of validation reports
  • Coordination of validation process including documentation for your team (4 hours)
  • One-on-one training for your team on how to validate against the “Rules of Evidence” and “Principles of Assessment” against the Unit of Competency requirements.
  • A Validation report following validation with an action pan on what you will need to do to ensure that your assessment tools are compliant

Option B: Independent Validation—Non Industry Sector

What’s in the package:

  • We conduct an independent validation of your assessment tools and provide you with a validation report for you to action
  • This validation provides you with a snapshot of compliance to assist you with identifying if your tools are compliant with the Rules of Evidence and Principles of assessment against the Unit of Competency requirements

Please note that Option B will not meet the Validation requirements of Clause 1.9 as this is an independent validation of your tools by someone who may not be an industry expert within your field. The focus will be on validating your tools against the Unit of Competency requirements in the Training Package.

Option C: Independent Validation—TAE40110

What’s in the package:

  • Independent Validation of “Training and Assessment” tools and processes for TAE40110
  • Meet the requirements of Independent Validation of TAE against Clauses of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations


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