Due Diligence Package

Thinking about buying an RTO?  Minimise your risk, hire an expert

Before you make the decision to buy an RTO, you should undertake due diligence to ensure that the RTO has no hidden non-compliances or illegal operations that you may inherit and ultimately be responsible for.

Our Due Diligence Package has been designed to help you through the purchase of an RTO/CRICOS organisation. We have many years of experience in not only compliance, but also with the buying and selling of RTO’s, including what the buyer should be aware of and how to ensure you are making the right purchase.

“Get the right advice on your business purchase
to minimise your risk”

What’s in the package:

Professional Advice

  • We will provide you with professional advice based on our previous experience with not only ASQA, but also with buying and selling RTO’s
  • Assistance with identifying your legal and accounting obligations
  • How the purchase of the RTO will affect your existing operations
  • How will your RTO fit in with what you need

External Audit

  • We conduct a SystemsCheck of the RTO through a desk and site audit
  • During the SystemsCheck, we provide advice on what is a high risk or a manageable risk, including opportunities for improvement
  • During the audit a review will be undertaken of the following:
    • Training and Assessment Strategies to ensure that they comply with ASQA requirements
    • A sample of the RTO’s Training and Assessment tools against Training Package and the AQF requirements, including completed assessments
    • Continuous Improvement practices and how the RTO is collecting, analysing and acting on relevant data to ensure compliance
    • Policies and Procedures and how they comply with the Standards for RTO’s
    • Trainers files to ensure that they meet auditing requirements
    • Enrolment information and marketing material distributed to clients prior to enrolment
    • Data Provisioning being utilised by the RTO and compliance with AVETMISS and Quality Indicatior data collection requirements
    • Complaints and Appeals policy and process, as well as identifying potential compliants risks
    • Financial processes, including refunds and fee protection measures
    • Appropriate Insurance Policies are in place
    • Certification is compliant with certificate issue requirements
  • Following the SystemsCheck we provide you with an Audit Report of what was found

Transfer of Ownership

  • Assistance with transfer of ownership including:
    • Completion of ASQA forms and transfer of Directors
    • Submission of required forms to ASQA


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