Are you wanting to deliver training to International Students?

Our team of Cricos Consultants can help you with your CRICOS across Australia

Setting up an RTO can be daunting, setting up a CRICOS RTO is even more difficult when you take into consideration building requirements, meeting Visa conditions, monitoring students and providing sufficient support services, but not if you have Vivacity on your side.

We can provide you with the tools and professional services you need to gain your CRICOS registration, including policies, procedures and documentation that meet these requirements.

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What’s in the package:

  • BUSINESS PLANNING – We commence your project with planning your new RTO business through a Business Plan.
    • Assistance with Industry Consultation
    • Identification of the best assessment tools for your organisation
    • Provision of a Delivery and Assessment Plan template and advice on how to complete this plan
    • Provision of a Staff Matrix, for you to include your trainers skills and qualifications mapped against the qualifications. We will also review your Staff Matrix to ensure it will meet ASQA requirements.
  • MOCK AUDIT—conducted at your premises to assist you with the preparations for audit and to ensure that you are ready for audit
  • EXPERIENCED AUDITOR will attend your ASQA Audit and coach you through the compliance requirements on the day of your audit
  • We work with you and your team to get your RTO compliant and ready for audit
  • AUDIT FOLDER—This folder includes all our forms, policies and procedures a copy of for your audit, including all your documents that we submitted to ASQA
  • ASQAnet Application— Assistance with the preparation of your application , including completion of ASQA forms and Delivery Activity Statements
  • FINANCIAL VIABILITY & ASQAnet – Assistance and guidance for the finalisation of your Financial Viability Risk Assessment
  • VIVACITY MEMBERSHIP – included in your package is 12 months membership with Vivacity (various levels available)
  • MEMBERSHIP DISCOUNTS – As a member, you receive 10% off any full price Vivacity products or services
  • EXPERT ADVICE—We allocate your organisation with a Client Liaison Officer to project manage the whole package, including providing you with expert advice and keeping you on track for getting ready for re-registration
  • VIVACITY MEMBERSHIP WEBINARS – Live Monthly Webinars with an experienced CRICOS Compliance expert, which includes training on how to implement the Policies and Procedures into your organisation. These webinars are exclusively for Vivacity members only … with practical training on how to implement Compliance in your RTO… facts on new developments … policies … procedures … ASQA rules and regulations … tips on RTO proficiency … compliance skills … less expensive and more enjoyable implementation of a continuous improvement approach to your compliance … and much more!
  • CRICOS COMPLIANCE WORKSHOP – Two employees can attend for FREE as part of this package. This one-day workshop includes a review of all the “Standards for CRICOS” and your responsibilities as an RTO to comply with these standards. At the workshop we also provide you with training on how to use your forms and documentation, as well as guidance on how to implement our policies and procedures.
  • CRICOS POLICIES & PROCEDURES MANUAL – that have been written in line with the requirements of the ESOS Act and CRICOS Legislation.
  • INTERNATIONAL STUDENT HANDBOOK – which includes all the relevant policies and procedures for your international students
  • INTERNATIONAL TRAINERS HANDBOOK – which includes all the relevant policies and procedures for your trainers and assessors, including their responsibilities as a CRICOS trainer.
  • Assistance with meeting Council requirements and gaining council approval of your building
  • Assistance with understanding Student Visa requirements
  • Assistance with identifying International Agents who can assist with the recruitment of your students
  • Assistance with Rectifications—if required, includes the provision of an Action Plan identifying what needs to be completed to meet compliance requirements.

5 easy steps to KickStart your business Our team CRICOS Consulting team can help you

Our KickStart Package has been developed to make registering your RTO easy, with a team of experts by your side, in five easy steps:

1. Develop a plan for building a sustainable business

2. Learn the skills and knowledge to run a successful training organisation

3. Identify and develop strategies for training and assessment

4. Implement a culture of compliance

5. Expert coaching, before, during and after your ASQA Audit

We 100% guarantee our Policies, Procedures and documentation,
if they are not compliant we will rectify the tools as part of the package
“at no extra charge.”

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