KickStart Package

You’re Not Prepared to Launch Your RTO without a Kickstart Package!

Get Ready to Fly!

You’re Not Prepared to Launch Your RTO without a Kickstart Package!

Vivacity developed the KickStart Package to make getting your RTO off the ground easy. Don’t do it alone. A team of experts guide you through five clear steps

Want to start an RTO? Get a superhero on your side!

It’s easy to feel alone, stressed and overwhelmed when you set up a Registered Training Organisation. Instead, choose Vivacity.

Vivacity’s proven systems set you up, get you up and keep you flying. 

With over 20 years of experience, getting your RTO & CRICOS compliant is no stumble in the dark. Vivacity gives you the confidence to go ahead.

Imagine having a superhero on your team.

Compliance feels dark. Vivacity brings light.

Vivacity’s KickStart Package mean you get a coach throughout the registration process. You get the tools to set up, stay up and keep flying, so that you can concentrate on being the best training organisation you can be. 

Policies. Procedures. Documentation. Training. Support. Not just a solo consultant but a team alongside you. Attention to the detail you need.

Which KickStart Package is right for you?

Not sure how much help you will need?

Get in contact with our team and we will identify the solutions to your problems

Membership Included

All our KickStart Packages include 12 months Membership with Vivacity,
so that we are by your side in the most critical time of your registration.

Which KickStart Package best suits your needs?


Already have a compliance officer in place? Somebody who can dedicate at least 10 hours a week and coordinate monthly meetings?

This package means we can come in to help you with checking over the small things you might otherwise miss.

Choose this level of package if your compliance officer has experience working in the training industry: writing Training and Assessment strategies, Delivery and Assessment plans, conducting Assessment Validation, recruiting Trainers and Assessors, plus general business development skills in the RTO/CRICOS sector

Ruby (Most Popular)

Wanting to register, but you need extra help with validating assessment tools? Want an online or onsite audit of your RTO’s policies and procedures? Additional consultation support?

When you do not have an experienced compliance officer to implement policies, procedure and documentation, or to coordinate monthly Compliance Meetings, but do have a dedicated person who can dedicate at least 10 hours per week. 

Your key person’s understanding of the Training Industry may be limited, and they will need support with their own Financial and Business Planning, Assessment Tool development, and implementing Vivacity’s policies and procedures into their organisation.


New to the training industry? Need more extensive business support as well as all the compliance systems?

The DIAMOND package includes more extensive support, alongside monthly webinars for professional development from an experienced Compliance trainer.

You have an Administration person on your team to follow instructions from your Vivacity Consultant on how to implement the policies, procedures and documentation. Our Client Liaison Officer sets tasks and documents to complete. The Administration person might have little to no knowledge of the training industry but can provide administrative support to your Vivacity Consultant and can take the steps to achieve the goals of registering your RTO.


New to the training industry? Need more extensive support for their business for BOTH compliance and for business development?

The PLATINUM package means you require more support with writing your business plan. Developing your financial planning and budgets. Conducting a review of your Assessment tools, and how you recruit trainers and assessors.

PLATINUM includes a Strategic Planning session with your team, led by an experienced business planning expert from Vivacity.

"We had our course successfully reaccredited thanks in large part to Vivacity and their highly experienced staff. (so major recommendation there…..RESULTS were achieved!).

We also greatly appreciated the smoothness of the Vivacity systems and the way that each member of the Vivacity Team knew what to do and handled our questions along the way with the ultimate level of professionalism.

There were more than one Vivacity team members who worked on our case along the way- each with different skills and areas of expertise and we really appreciated this. Sometimes a small RTO like ours gets allocated the ‘rookie’ because we are not a large client- but this didn’t happen with Vivacity and we really appreciated that."

Dr Kevin Redd ~ CEO, Tensegrity Training
Accredited Course Package | 2019