Whether you are preparing for an ASQA re-registration audit, or would just like to get your organisation back on track, this package will meet all your compliance needs. We don’t just provide you with compliant documentation, we teach your team how to be compliant as well as coach you through your ASQA audit.

Our team of experts can get your RTO back on track and 100% Compliant, with policies, procedures, systems and training from the experts in compliance.

“Everything you need to get your RTO/CRICOS registration back on track”

What’s in the package?

  • Internal Audit at your site
  • Review of your Training and Assessment Strategies
  • Assist with submission of your re-registration with ASQA
  • Provision of an Audit Folder with all Vivacity documentation
  • Assist with your ASQA Audit
  • Provision of expert advice from our team
  • 12 months Vivacity Membership
  • Access to live webinars each month for you and your team
  • Registration at our RTO Compliance Workshop
  • Registration at our Assessment Validation Workshop
  • Over 80 documents branded to your organisation
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Provision of an Action Plan following your ASQA Audit
  • Assistance with rectification response to ASQA


The team at Vivacity are passionate about the Training Industry and the impact training has on our community, and like you, we want quality training services too. So we understand what your needs are as an RTO, including the types of information and services that you need to manage successful compliance. When it comes right down to it, Vivacity is a team of experts from the RTO Industry working together for other RTO’s … it’s that simple. That’s why you’ll find useful services such as …

Expert Advice — fast, expert help on your specific RTO Compliance questions or problems. From questions on certification requirements, AVETMISS database requirements, Unique Student Identifier, ASQA processes, Training and Assessment Strategies, Trainer/Assessor skills and qualifications, Assessment Tools, Training Resources and Renewing Registration, all you have to do is ask!

Training in RTO Compliance – Through our monthly webinars, we will teach you how to implement the policies and procedures into your RTO, which is a lot easier than just reading a manual (that more often than not gets left on the shelf). Check out this link to one of our Webinars on YouTube https://youtu.be/ZTH5LXR7CIw

Assessment Tool Guidance – We will provide suggestions, based on our experience, on where to purchase the assessment tools, or redirect you to one of our experts who you can engage to assist you with developing your own assessment tools

Up-to-date Documentation – As our documents are subject to many audits every year, and are reviewed based on ASQA requirements.  This means that you will have documents current documents with the latest requirements of the Standards.

We guarantee that our Policies, Procedures and Documentation will be 100% compliant,
if they are not compliant  we will rectify the tools as part of the  package “at no extra charge.”


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