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Gain insights from an experienced RTO Consultant, with over 20 years experience in the training industry, including owning and operating her own RTOs

About RTO Superhero

Following the success of our Education in Isolation Podcast, we have decided to switch directions with our Podcast to have more on a focus of the real issues within RTO’s today. 

Angela’s goal with the podcast is simple – to provide solutions to the problems that RTOs deal with on a day to day basis. 

Last year we conducted a Survey to our industry entitled “What is your problem?”. From this survey we received a variety of responses, over 150 in total, with the top three problems being identified as TIME, MONEY and COMPLIANCE

 In the RTO Superhero Podcast, we will be covering a range of topics such as: 

  • What it takes to become an RTO Superhero 
  • What every RTO must know about JobTrainer and government funding 
  • The biggest mistakes RTOs make 
  • 7 Strategies RTOs can implement to meet the Industry Consultation requirements 
  • The ever-changing complexities of compliance 
  • The VET Reform journey and what you need to know with the upcoming legislative changes 
  • And much, much more…  

This is just the titles Angela has come up with so far… there is so much more to come. 

This podcast couldn’t come at a better time, with the VET Reform, micro-credentialing and JobTrainer Government Funding, there will be so much content for you to access and grow. 

This podcast is for anyone in the training industry who wants to learn from our teams experience as an RTO Consultant, RTO Manager, Trainer/Assessor, Auditor and Entrepreneur, as well as the experience of other experts in the training industry. 

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Meet The Host

Angela Connell

CEO + Founder

Angela Connell is the key driver to the success of Vivacity Coaching & Consulting, due to her vivacious commitment to supporting businesses in the training industry to reach their full business potential.   

Angela has been working in the training industry for over 20 years and during that time she has owned and operated two successful RTOs, this is where Angela first gained first-hand experience in effectively navigating the complexities of compliance.  She knows the issues that RTO/CRICOS business owners and managers deal with each day. Along with her talented team, Angela provides innovative tools and comprehensive on-going support to ensure that not only will an RTO be deemed compliant, but will also thrive financially within the industry.  

Angela loves working with the decision makers within the training industry, as it aligns with her goal of changing lives through education. Her vision is to empower the training industry, through the provision of systems and processes, to achieve excellence.

Angela loves to sing and we often hear her singing in the office, as well as dancing up a storm, which many people have experienced at various training conferences.

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