An RTO cannot survive on compliance alone...

5 Steps to RTO Success is an intensive 2-day workshop where you will learn the secrets to building a successful training organisation, including managing your finances, applying for government funding, growing and managing your team and your mindset.

5 Steps to RTO Success is for business owners who are dissatisfied with their current results and simply want to grow their business and accelerate growth.

Unlike other training offered to training organisations, this training delivers practical learning and implementation that creates results fast.

It’s big business being in the training industry, what is your competitive advantage?

Running a training organisation is more than just being compliant, it’s about running a business  in a very competitive and challenging market, whilst maintaining your compliance.

5 Steps to RTO Success is an intensive 2-day workshop specifically customised for business owners in the training industry, wanting to achieve growth and peak personal performance across all areas of their business.

5 Steps to RTO Success

Who should attend?

  • Vivacity clients, past and present
  • Management staff and CEO’s of RTO’s
  • Management staff and PEO’s of CRICOS providers
  • Business Development Managers

Further Details

TIME                       9.00am to 5.00pm for two days

COST                      $597+gst per person

FOOD                     Lunch, morning tea, coffee and tea provided

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