RTO Documents


Accounts Manager – Position Description
Position Description for an individual working within Accounts
$50.00 excl. tax
Applicant Suitability Checklist
This template is for identifying whether a candidate is suitable for a role within your rto
$50.00 excl. tax
Assessment Cover Sheet
Assessment Coversheet for Students to ensure compliance with the standards, including Authenticity under the Rules of Evidence.
$100.00 excl. tax
Assessment Validation Report
This tool is to be used when validating assessment tools to record if modifications are required, recommendations, and if the assessment tool meet each principle of assessment.
$150.00 excl. tax
Assessment Validation Schedule
The Assessment Validation Schedule is the key to monitoring your validation in accordance with the Standards for RTOs
$150.00 excl. tax
Assessment Verification Form
In order to ensure consistency of both paper based and electronic records, the RTO can use the Assessment Verification Form.
$50.00 excl. tax
Certificate Re-issue Form
Form for previous students to apply for a certificate re-issue
$100.00 excl. tax
Certificate Template
This Certificate template has been designed against the Australian Qualifications Framework and meets the requirements of the Standards.
$100.00 excl. tax
Chief Executive Officer – Position Description
What are the responsibilities of a CEO within an RTO? This Position Description covers the role and responsibilities of the CEO
$100.00 excl. tax
Commercial Training Agreement
The Commercial Training Agreement is a template you can use for setting a formal agreement for delivery and assessment
$150.00 excl. tax
Complaints & Appeals Form
The RTO recognises that differences and grievances can arise from time to time and believe that the quick settlement of these matters is in the best interest of all parties concerned and the following steps are implemented to ensure this happens. This form is to be completed by staff and/or students if they wish to submit a formal complaint
$100.00 excl. tax
Complaints & Appeals Register
A complaints and appeals register is crucial for managing your Complaints and Appeals Process. A register for recording action on complaints
$100.00 excl. tax
Compliance Manager – Position Description
Position Description for the Compliance Manager, including responsibilities according to the standards.
$100.00 excl. tax
Compliance Meeting Agenda Template
Meeting agenda template for managing your RTO compliance requirements
$100.00 excl. tax
Compliance Meeting Minutes Template
Minutes template for managing your RTO compliance requirements
$100.00 excl. tax
Continuous Improvement Strategy
A template to be used for managing your continuous improvement
$150.00 excl. tax
Course Cost Breakdown
The Course Cost Breakdown is an Excel spreadsheet for calculating how much to charge for your training, including breaking down the costs
$100.00 excl. tax
Course Flyer Template
Course Flyer Template that can be used for creating marketing for courses that includes all the requirements of Standard 4.1
$150.00 excl. tax
Credit Transfer Form
Form to be used by the RTO to determine a students eligibility for applying for a credit transfer for a direct equivelant unit
$100.00 excl. tax
Delivery and Assessment Plan
The Delivery and Assessment Plan outlines how the RTO delivers and assesses and should be developed for each full qualification or skill set.
$150.00 excl. tax
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